Music Video

Join us on a journey where music finds it's visual soul. Feel the rhythm of innovation. Pitara crafts music videos that resonate with soulful visuals. From cinematic narratives to high-energy performances, our portfolio reflects the artistry of sound and sight.

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Want to experience the thrill of the crowd, the dynamic lighting and the sonic spectacle?

Concert section as we bring the concert atmosphere to life through our lens


Come and explore the excitement of an event, the
cultural richness of a fest and the synthesis of tradition and Modernity.

Post production

Perfect your content with Pitara's post-production Excellence. Our portfolio speaks volumes about the careful refinement of every frame and sound. From editing and color grading to creating immersive audio, Pitara turns ideas into polished masterpieces. Elevate your content; choose Pitara's excellence in post-production.

Devotional Videos

Whether you seek inner peace, wish to share a message of inspiration, or simply want to be moved by the mesmerizing charm of Bhajans, our devotional videos are a perfect match

VFX & 3D Animation

Step into a world where reality and fantasy seamlessly intertwine. Our VFX portfolio brings imagination to life, from stunning CGI to seamless compositing. Discover the magic of transformative visual storytelling.

Ad film's

Visit our AD Films section to experience the power of storytelling. Here, we turn brand stories into captivating visual tales. From concept spark to screen brilliance, let's make it extraordinary.


Welcome to the captivating world Photography, where moments are immortalized through our lens. Our portfolio showcases striking portraits, event coverage that captures genuine emotions, pulsating energy of concerts and product photography that marries aesthetics with visual appeal. Every click narrates a story, and every frame is a testament to our commitment to visual excellence.

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  • Graphic Designing | Web Development

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